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Download online videos with is a tool which gives you the ability to download videos from all the major video sites. You can download videos from all the trending online video sites in FLV, AVI, MOV, MPG or WMV formats.

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Learn How to Download Online Videos

Almost every major website nowadays includes online videos as part of their content. You have probably come across an interesting video from such video streaming sites, which you want to keep for posterity as part of your digital video collection. However, knowing how to download various files from the Web does not automatically mean that you know how to download streaming video. Before your interest turns into frustration, learn exactly how to download online video from your favorite video sites.

Today’s Web abounds with online videos. It was not like this before as multimedia files were just too large to be streamed over the Internet. With the development of new Web technologies and the wide acceptance of broadband Internet, streaming video have become the new standard in rich Web content. A little background knowledge of online videos can go a long way in understanding how to download streaming videos.

The basics of streaming video

Traditional video files were much larger than was practical for how the Web was structured a few years ago. Eventually new video formats with greater compression and acceptable quality came out allowing for the emergence of online videos. These include AVI, FLV, WMV, MPG and MOV formats. Streaming video was also boosted by the rise of broadband Internet among consumers. Additionally, Web browser technologies have improved in recent years which further opened up opportunities for watching and downloading online videos.

Streaming video is transmitted and viewed over the Web in real-time. Previously, one must download an entire media file before watching the saved video. This may take entire days, even weeks before the download finishes. Nowadays, streaming video is sent and received without that lengthy time lag and can be watched live or on demand.

With the onset of video streaming technology, the growth in the number of video clips from all over the world available for download has increased exponentially. Online videos provide rich content for websites and are a wonderful convenience for Internet users since viewing them has become a very simple process. You can watch a streaming video as soon as you click the play button on the website you are on using any modern Web browser with the appropriate plug-in. No installation of a separate media player is required.

How to download streaming video

The procedures on how to download streaming video varies from that of simply watching them online. By default, just watching a streaming video does not permit the data to be available when you are no longer on that particular website. Downloading online videos however, allows you to view the video clip offline as it is already captured and made resident on your computer’s hard drive.

There are two common ways for downloading online videos, namely, employing the services of an online video download site or alternatively, you can use a separate video download software.

Video download sites are all over the Internet. These will require you to input the video sharing URL or web address of the streaming video. You can then save videos that are captured by the site and generated for downloading on to your computer. Most popular video formats are accommodated by these video download sites. While some of these video download services require a fee, there are a few that will show you how to download online videos on their site at no cost. Many of these video download sites will provide you an account where you can temporarily save a limited amount of the captured videos you have requested, to be downloaded at a later time.

On the other hand, if you choose the option to install your own video download software for capturing streaming videos, the intermediate step of downloading the generated file is removed from the process as you may now save videos captured by the software directly on to your hard drive or on your portable media player. In fact, one advantage of these video download applications is that you will be able to specify how to download streaming videos in terms of their video size, resolution and file format.

Downloading online videos either by video download sites or through third-party software is something that Web users should be familiar with. Now that you know how to download streaming videos you can begin building your own library of online video clips that you can enjoy watching anytime you wish.

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