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01-16-03 PC "Surrender"

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  • Description: Jack is alarmed to hear that Tess received a visit from Kevin, who claims to want to be her father. He's still very suspicious of Kevin and doesn't want Tess to be alone with him. Kevin tries to figure out why Lucy hasn't come back, then assumes that she's with Ian, as always. He records a message for her on his tape recorder, justifying what he's about to do for Livvie. To prepare for his plan for Tess, he sets the table for two, and is unpleasantly surprised to see that she has invited Jack to join them. On Caleb's private jet, Joshua puts the moves on Alison, who fends off his advances as tactfully as possible. She discovers Rafe hiding in a closet and they argue about his presence, which Alison fears can't possibly remain a secret from the others. Joshua drugs Elizabeth so that he can have some uninterrupted private time with her daughter. When Alison returns, Joshua comes on strong, unaware that he's under the slayer's watchful eye. When he hears a noise, he goes to investigate, and Alison cozies up to him to keep him from finding her co-conspirator. After drinking the special water, Chris is thrilled to think that he's actually a vampire. Ian and Lucy try to explain that this isn't good, but Chris escapes. They receive a tip that he's about to "fly" by jumping off a scenic overlook. As soon as he jumps, Ian grabs his wrist and dangles him in mid-air, then drags him to the ground. Chris angrily threatens to bite Ian, who gives him an injection to knock him out. They take Chris back to Ian's place, and Ian expects the symptoms to be gone by the time he wakes up. Lucy is proud of Ian for his heroics, and Ian appreciates her belief in his goodness.
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