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04-20-12 GH - Sam / Jason

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  • Description: Sam finds Jason at home looking at the paternity test results. Sam tells Jason he is the baby's father in every way that matters. She implores him to say he believes that. He wants to. Sam defends her reasons for keeping it a secret from him, but Jason doesn't want to be protected. He apologizes for getting angry and feels bad she's gone through this alone. Sam reminds him it only matters how they handle things from here on out for the baby. "Kate" calls to apologize to Jason in front of Sonny. She invites him and Sam to the party. Jason hesitates, but says he'll talk to his wife. Once he hangs up, Sam suggests they go to the party. Jason reluctantly agrees.

    Jason and Sam show up and Sam talks with her mother, who knows something is still bothering her. Sam doesn't want to talk to Alexis about it. Meanwhile, Jason talks with Sonny, who wants him to make peace with Kate. He assures him Kate is fine.
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