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07 Ghost abridged episode 1 part 3

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  • Description: ~READ BEFORE VIEWING~

    This should be the last of it. Really. I promise this time.

    The first episode has come forth.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    I had fun making this all by my lonesome. All of the voices are mine and I don't claim that they are amazing. Tips and pointers would be appreciated and this is the pilot, so everything's not perfect. I could have worked until it was, but I got lazy. I did beta test most of it with outside viewers. I am also one female doing a cast of nearly all males, as if thats any excuse, right? Anyway, please enjoy, comment, and if so inclined, rate.

    Songs/Artists Used:

    Masquerade-Caedmon's Call
    Bridge 4- .hack//Sign extra ost
    Comfort- .hack//Liminality ost
    Requiem Aeternam- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Requiem Mass
    Jikan no Seihou- Susumu Hirasawa
    Friday the 13th ost

    This is a fan-made parody, 07-Ghost is the property of Amemiya Yuki, Ichihara Yukino, Go! Comi, and Studio Deen. Please support the official release. I do not claim rights to the music used either. This is for entertainment purposes only.
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