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'10 Korean Air OSL Preliminaries: Wrap-up

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  • Description: Hundreds of players fight toe-to-toe.... about 99 percent of them go home all depressed and eat Cheetos for 4 hours.

    Yes, the prelims! Here is the list of players already seeded -

    Super Seeds:
    Flash, Movie, Calm, Shine

    Round of 36 seeds:
    Jaedong, Stork, ZerO, Pure
    Effort, Fantasy, Kwanro, Hwasin,
    Yellow[Arnc], Pusan, Go.Go, Type-B

    And here are the winners of the preliminary click-fest -

    Protoss winners:
    Bisu, Guemchi, Kal, Perfectman

    Zerg winners:
    Luxury, Hyvaa, Hyun, Killer, Hogil,
    By.HerO, Firefist, Hydra, Modesty, 815

    Terran winners:
    Leta, Light, ForGG, MVP, Special,
    Really, Lomo, Frozean, BaBy, Piano

    Flash has a chance to get a golden mouse. Several players like Killer have a chance to royal road. Only three maps will be used for Round of 36, and the fourth will be added for the Round of 16. Bork power.

    Round of 36 starts on Wednesday.

    Credit - Photos from All music by me. The main song in the middle is a work in progress (you're the first to hear it!). And it's bookended by two older songs of mine.
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