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2008 floods in India

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  • Description: In India, the monsoon (rainy) season generally lasts from June to September.

    The year 2008 saw a series of floods in various states of India during the 2008 monsoon season. In total seven states were affected which included Assam, Andhra Pradesh,Bihar,Maharashtra,Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Orissa

    Assam (North East India) and Bihar (North India) were the worst affected states in 2008. According to the statistics Bihar witnessed one of worst floods in 50 years. The main reason of floods was the breach that occurred in the Kosi embankment near Indo-Nepal border (at a place called Kusha in Nepal) on 18th August 2008. The river changed its entire course and inundated areas which hadn't experienced floods in last many decades. The flood affected over 2.3 million people in the northern part of the state of Bihar. In wake of the crisis the Indian Prime Minister declared Bihar flood as a national calamity on 28 August and the government earmarked $ 230 million in aid for the region

    The Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) with the support of International Federation mobilised resources for disaster relief operation through DREF. The Fund supported 10,000 families through the provision of shelter and household items.

    IRCS together with the International Federation and in-country partner national societies geared its emergency responses in the flood prone states of Orissa, Assam, with a special focus on the state of Bihar as the flood situation in the region was declared a national calamity.

    The seven water purification units deployed in Bihar have proved to be extremely beneficial to the communities, approximately 11,200 families (approx. 56,000 beneficiaries) in providing them with clean drinking water for two months during this year flooding, particularly in Bihar for Kosi Floods, 2008. These water purification units were placed at camps organized and managed by the government, hence fulfilling its auxiliary role in providing disaster relief and response. The utility of water purification in providing clean drinking water was appreciated by the federal government.

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