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(2/2) JuniorPinoy Henyo Finals 06/02/12

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  • Description: Pinoy Henyo
    There are three teams with two people in each. It is similar to the game of 20 Questions, but instead of limiting the number of questions, the game limits the time of the game to 2 minutes. The guesser must only reply Oo (Yes), Hindi (No) and Pwede (Can Be), other replies will incur a 3 second penalty for every wrong reply which will be added in their official time. One will have to guess whatever the answer is while the other answers with those three words mentioned before. A Dabarkads will be selected to go into a flushroom. Four Dabarkads play, each holding 10,000 pesos, 15,000 pesos and 20,000 pesos. If the pair answers correctly, they win whatever the prize the Dabarkads is holding and if they have the fastest time, will head to the Jackpot round. Also, if the contestants answer the Pinoy Henyo Word of the Day, they will receive an additional 5,000 pesos and gift packs from sponsors. In the Jackpot round, each pair must finish in two minutes. In the Jackpot round, the winning pair will play again following the same concepts except this time, both of them would have to guess, taking turns. Also, they are only given one category and answer three words correctly in under 3 minutes. If they answer one correctly, 10,000 pesos, two, 15,000 pesos and three is the Jackpot prize, 50,000 pesos. The top fastest time pairs will reunite on a special day to compete for the Semi-Finals. The winning teams from the Semis will then compete in the Finals for the Pinoy Henyo trophy and the grand prize of the current game.
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