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52. Gene Technology 5 of 6

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  • Description: Genetic technology refers to the artificial manipulation of DNA and genes. This video looks at the tools and techniques involved in genetic technology.
    The tools include genetic scissors - called restriction enzymes, a genetic joining enzyme called ligase, as well as the use of DNA probes to show up and mark different sequences of DNA.
    We then look at genetic techniques - how to make lots of copies of DNA using the polymerase chain reaction; how to sort DNA fragments according to size in electrophoreses; then how to take this further and make it usable using the Southern Blot.
    Finally we look at some of the tricks that can be done using these tools and techniques - such as DNA profiling and fingerprinting; how to sequence DNA - from a molecule to a letter code we can interpret; and finally we look at how cloning genes and the use of recombinant DNA technology allows us to mix the DNA of different species together.
    Lots of information. Always a joy.
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