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62 Muscle Building Leg Exercises

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    Last week I performed a search for unilateral and single leg lower body exercises on youtube. My search yielded about 10 results - most were yoga or PT stuff.

    I was disappointed.
    Rewind to about 8 months ago....

    ....when I wrote an article for stating that athletes need lower body single leg exercises. Why? Sports are played unilaterally. Do basketball players tie their legs together and bunny hop up the court? Not even close, they sprint, cut, jump, etc. Same with nearly every other sport.

    Therefore, I find it very important to teach the body how to fire the muscles while utilizing one leg - especially in the glutes where a lot of athletes have weaknesses.
    Back in present time...

    ...I'm starting to get fired up that a lot of people are skipping their unilateral training. Perhaps there isn't enough selection out there?

    I grabbed my Flipcam, handed it to Crazy Jeff, and told him to start recording and I started repping out unilateral exercises until I couldn't feel my glutes.


    Bottoms Up Split Squats are one of my favorites near the 10 min and 30 second mark.

    62 exercises in total.

    That's right 62! Many of them are changing the loading patterns of split squats, step ups, lunges, etc, BUT that makes a HUGE difference in the exercise. Calling all those the same would be like saying the front squat and back squat are the same exercise because they are both squats.

    Most online trainers with save this kind of exercise index for paying subscribers, but 2010 was so awesome because of my readers - here you go!
    62 Unilateral and Single Leg Exercises Video

    Also, these videos will be extremely helpful for the people that signed up for our IF YOU ARE SERIOUS online training program (still 2 spots left). I am doing similar for every body part - I figured they wouldn't mind if I share the first one with everyone!
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    - Joe Hashey, CSCS -

    PS. I have two strength writers joining the site this week - stay tuned for their introduction articles!

    PPS. Thank you to BEN BRUNO for the suspended leg curl idea. I'll still be working on that one.

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