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'70s - Indian Cinema - Zeenat Aman - 3

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    True leaders and revolutionaries, whether it be in an artistic or social setting, are born not made! One must be born with that natural courage, passion, and fire otherwise it does not come across "authentic". Zeenat Aman is one such revolutionary artist who through her sheer originality, authenticity, courage, and inner fire brought about an ever-lasting phenomenon which led to the transformation of Indian Cinema forever. No other female artist has incorporated such powerful social messages in their roles, dealing with women's empowerment issues, the way she has. It took 30 years for Bollywood to finally understand the full impact of this "one woman revolution" and her intellectual insight. She is now OFFICIALLY the "CROWNED QUEEN" of Modern Hindi Cinema as she has been publicly credited for introducing an entire new genre into Hindi Cinema. Her versatility and multi-dimensionalism was a direct result of her own substance and complexity as the modern, evolving woman which proved that a woman can be a combination of many differing elements such as beauty, strength, sensuality, confidence, intelligence, power, fierceness, kindness, softness, femininity, glamour, sophistication, grace, dignity, substance, and leadership. Her introduction at the 2008 Zee Cine awards, summed up her lasting and profound contribution to Indian Cinema fairly accurately as followed: " Once in lifetime there comes a personality who breaks all the norms and traditions and brings a change unlike anyone or anything before! Beautiful Zeenat Aman is such an actress who singlehandedly brought the change with such comfort .... the whole nation stepped into a new era and embraced the western culture for the betterment ..She is the only actress in the hindi cinema whose place is established forever for doing so....She rode the wave of success whch was impossible to obstruct even if you wanted to. Her personality ,performances and commitment to the role impressed the great showman Raj Kapoor that he decided only Zeenat will be Roopa in his SSS.. Millions of fans love her and she has never disappointed them". This living legend has been awarded for not only her "Outstanding Contribution to the Motion Picture of India" as an artist but she was also given another Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution as a style icon and the most glamorous female artist of all time. It is a great power for an actress to "define" herself, as opposed to allow others to define and categorize her, and still manage to gain the love, respect, and admiration of the masses the way she has and carve her own place in history! For that, she is simply extraordinary!

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