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A haunting [Discovery] in Florida part Final

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  • Description: "cleanse the location," Smith said. "We cleansed and cleansed and cleansed, but whatever was there did not want to leave," she said, so the Dunnam's moved out. In a phone interview, Edd Dunnam said he was renting a house on Hancock Drive in Deltona where it all happened. "It was a really nice house, with a lake across the street, but one morning I woke up and smelled smoke," Dunnam said. "I thought there was a fire, so I went running out of the master bedroom toward the children's rooms." The 1-year-old was asleep in one room. Two older boys shared another room, but they were not home at the time, he said. Smoke smelled like it was coming from the boys' room, so he opened the door. "There was a guy, sitting on the bed, with his head in his arms, and you could see through him," Dunnam recalled. "He disappeared, but there was a big cold spot and I could see my breath. Later it all escalated, from voices to moaning." Of the experience, he said: "Who knows, but my eyes are now opened, and I look at life a little deeper."
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