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Age 13: The Inner Life of an "At-Risk" Teenager - Surreal Educational Fi...

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    Age 13 is an educational film by Sid Davis released in 1955. It is property of the public domain. The film centers around Andrew, a thirteen-year-old boy stricken with grief over the recent death of his mother. On the day of her passing her radio stops working, and Andrew believes that if he can repair it his mother will return. He is left with a cold, emotionally distant stepfather. He is also teased relentlessly in school, which leads him to bring a gun with him. During an altercation with another student in a physical education class, he fires the gun, injuring no one. Following the incident he receives counseling, is administered a Rorschach inkblot test and is encouraged to open up emotionally. However, his stepfather becomes increasingly brutal. Andrew commits a virtual murder by destroying a photograph of his stepfather, whom he blames for his mother's death; afraid his feelings will lead him to actual homicide, he runs away. By film's end he has recovered, and is adopted by his aunt and her husband.

    Musician Kevin Moore selected this film as inspiration for the Chroma Key album Graveyard Mountain Home. The film is included on DVD in a special edition of the album, playing at half speed and featuring the album's music soundtrack as opposed to the original.

    Graveyard Mountain Home is the third studio album released under the name Chroma Key by American keyboardist Kevin Moore. It was released on November 8, 2004 by InsideOut Music. Moore originally started work on the album in 2003, planning to release a less electronica-influenced album than previous Chroma Key albums, but put it aside to work on the first OSI album. He then moved to Istanbul, Turkey, where he wrote Ghost Book, the soundtrack to the film Okul. Enjoying the experience of writing music to film, Moore scrapped his previous plans for the third Chroma Key album, instead writing an album as an alternate soundtrack to an already-existing film.

    Moore found the social guidance film Age 13 in the Prelinger Archives, which served as his main inspiration. He slowed the film down to half its original playback speed to allow a full album to be written around the twenty-five minute film. With complete creative control over the album, Moore was free to experiment, sometimes writing music "not necessarily to always match the images on the screen, but to sometimes play against it." The deluxe edition of the album contains the film in its full length, played at half speed, with the album as a soundtrack in place of the original audio.

    Critical reception of Graveyard Mountain Home was generally positive. Critics noted that the album was a departure from Moore's previous works, and that it was best experienced as an alternate soundtrack to Age 13. Moore played songs from Graveyard Mountain Home live for the first time in a small club in Istanbul in 2007, and planned to tour more extensively in the future.

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