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Al Qaeda In Yemen - FRONTLINE

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  • Description: Excerpt from a PBS documentary on the historical, sociological, & religious dynamics of Al Qaeda in Yemen.

    Learn more about the making of this documentary here:

    Learn about Gaith Abdul Ahad's views on the situation here:

    Since it seems Al Qaeda has insinuated itself into a Yemenite civil war or regional conflict, it would be helpful to learn more about the difference between South Yemen & North Yemen and the complex history of the country:

    Here's a little more information on Azzan, since the documentary made mention of its role as Al Qaeda's effective Capital in the region.

    There are long-standing historical dimensions to this conflict in Yemen.

    If you're curious about the geography and layout, here's an interactive map:

    also, to find out more about Jaar:

    A little more on Aden:

    For more on AQAP, go to:
    This is a source that informs the American political, military, and academic community on foreign policy -- and the article goes in-depth about the Yemenite component;

    and, of course, you can go here for more information;

    For more on Yemen go to:


    Learn about how effective drone attacks in Yemen are for the interests of the Americans here:

    Learn more about drones here:

    and here:
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