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ALIEN Closeup MGM Studios

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  • Description: Exclusive rare details of H.R. Giger's Alien at Disney
    Great Movie Ride in Disney's Studios in Orlando Florida.
    Today called Hollywood Studios which is one of the amusement parks belonging to Disneyworld.
    Behind the Scenes
    Filmed in 1999

    Thanks to the courtesy and helpful will of the staff and technicians of the ride made this footage possible.
    We cover the animatronic Aliens, the animatronic Sigourney Weaver doll and the acid damage, caused by the Facehugger.
    For those visitors who did not get the best seat or who had their view obstructed.
    No visitors stand in the way of this take.
    Anyway, this is as good as it gets with a Handycam and a Maglite.

    The set is based on first Alien movie from 1979, directed by Ridley Scott. It is a science fiction, horror film, which was awarded an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.
    The Alien creatures and sets were designed by Swiss artist Hansruedi Giger. Prometheus
    Distributor was 20th Century Fox.

    This is the kind of video every Alienfan wishes to take home from the ride.
    Take notice of the warning over the Speakers:

    Danger. The emergency destruct system is now activated. The ship will detonate in T minus ten minutes. The option to override automatic detonation expires in T minus five minutes.
    The audio of the opening and closing of this clip is from the airlock hatches of the vent shaft in the movie.
    Soundtrackof the movie was composed by Jerry Goldsmith

    As in the words of Wikipedia:
    As the ride vehicle continues into a spaceship, a narrator's voice states that this is the Nostromo, the ship from the movie Alien.
    The narrator then tells guests of the alien lurking within the ship waiting to claim its next victim.
    You can also hear the Nostromo's Mother computer warning the guests of the imminent self destruction countdown.
    Hearing this, the hijacker becomes nervous and speeds the ride vehicle through the ship.
    But not before the Alien appears and attacks the guests, popping out from both the ceiling and the wall.
    Before exiting the spaceship, the ride vehicle passes a scene of an audio-animatronic Officer Ellen Ripley holding a flamethrower as she prepares to confront the alien.
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