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All three songs Charlie the Unicorn

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  • Description: If you wanna hear Charlie neverending forever and ever, click this link for this video to be repeated 200 gagilion times!

    Haha, I like charlie ^^

    Here are some lyrics, that youtube speech to text translator made of the candy song... When reading, emagine its a mafia boss talking to you, and hes about to do very unhappy things to you:

    "But since you know, candy, the participants here... inside i'd like to marry accident. I'm scott simon. It's impossible to their advantage, and its kind of sad i'm not the kind of thing using condoms. It's that... I think much about jury, that it's going to pass this to have mounted about citizens. What is that? Are you going to... *BANG*"

    Really, whats wrong with youtube xD

    Also, thank ye fer teh many many views :D

    Btw, if anyone wants to sing along on the sea rap, go find some lyrecs... Nah, just kidding xD
    Hare ya go:

    Lungfish, blackfish, alligator, icefish
    Aderhead, hammerhead armagator, flathead
    Mandaray, sting ray, fangtooth moray
    Goblin shark, grass carp, brown river batray
    Noodlefish, agfish, megawarp, ladyfish,
    Black eel, baby seal, koi sprat, electric eel
    Lamprey, pejeray, yellow edged moray
    Salmon shark, sleeper shark, feather back and eagle ray

    Music and animations by FilmCow
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