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Aluminium Base Rails - V31

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  • Description: Aluminium Base Rails is a strong aluminium extrusion which is clamped to the base of the structure; PVC infill's (called U and T locks) are then used to hold the flexible film materials (e.g. polythene or netting) into the aluminium extrusion. Although the T slot in the video shows it being fitted to the bottom of the aluminium profile, it really is not essential, it does however help to keep dirt out of the channel when it is fitted to soil. This system is kind to polythene and the PVC infill's can be removed (and reused) without damaging the polythene, this allows for correction of the polythene should it need re-adjusting. Replacing the polythene cover is simple as the plastic infill's can easily be removed and re-fit. Again, as with Timber base Rails, anchor plates or base plates will also be required to keep the polytunnel secure and in place. (Please see relevant video). The Polytunnel in this video is 10ft wide x 15ft long (5ft hoop spacing) If you would like to discover more about Poly tunnels then why not contact us at or join our Facebook group at
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