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Anime Mix AMV Keep on Rollin

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  • Description: This time its something different. I turned my intro into an AMV using my favorite animes, characters, and fights

    Song: Rollin
    Artist: Limp Bizkit

    Animes Used: Bleach Soul Eater Naruto One Piece Casshern Sins Hellsing D.Gray-man FMA Trigun

    Characters used: Ichigo Kenpachi Nnoitra Grimmjow Amagi Shinji Black Star Death the Kid Asura Kishin Vash Knives Maka Soul Stein Yu Kanda Skin Bolic Hidan Kakuzu Asuma Nell Neliel Halibel Stark Orihime Luffy Zoro Ikkaku Free Tsubaki Casshern Dio Naruto Alucard Dandy Man Anderson Eshi Justin Law Giriko Yammy Luppi Gin Aizen Tousen Ed Greed Diedara Gaara Rock Lee Brook Franky Ryuma Mifune

    Fight Scenes Used: Ichigo vs Grimmjow Ichigo vs Nnoitra Ichigo vs Kenpachi Nel Neliel vs Nnoitra Noitora Ichigo vs Amagi Shinji vs Grimmjow Ed vs Greed Casshern vs Dio Team Asuma vs Hidan and Kakuzu Zoro vs Ryuma Black Star vs Mifune Ikkaku vs Edorad Yu Kanda vs Skin Bolic Vash vs Knives Shinigami vs Asura Kishin Justin Law vs Giriko Stein vs Chrona Crona Gaara vs Diedara Alucard vs Anderson Alucard vs Dandy Man Ichigo vs Byakuya Grimmjow vs Ulquiorra Ichigo vs Hiyori Maka and Black Star vs Sid Maka and Black Star vs Free Naruto vs Orochimaru Lenalee vs Eshi Level 3 Akuma Rock Lee vs Gitai Luffy vs Crocodile

    I DO NOT OWN BLEACH. BLEACH is Owned by Tite Kubo, Studio Pierrot, Viz Media and TV Tokyo. All Rights Reserved. Bleach and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of Studio Pierrot THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE. I OWN NEITHER THE ANIME NOR MUSIC. Anime: Soul Eater LISCENSED BY MEDIA FACTORY INC Soul Eater Clips rights are reserved and copyrighted by: MEDIA FACTORY INC ; DENTSU; BONES Studio; Gangan Comics; Okubo Atsushi; Igarashi Takuya; TV TOKYO; ANIPLEX The making of AMVs is legal, since such a use falls under fair use doctrines. Distribution of AMVs, due to their contents, is an area of legal dispute. AMVs inherently consist entirely of copyrighted and unlicensed material, including entire songs and substantial portions of television series or motion pictures. Thus, legal concerns vary depending on several factors. As a general rule of thumb AMVs can be seen as illegal in the de jure sense, however, legalities concerning copyrights are subject to variation based on the copyright holders' consent. Many AMVs have so far been viewed as acceptable under Fair Use provisions or have otherwise gone legally unmolested, implying (albeit potentially falsely) a de facto legal validity. This video is NON-PROFIT as it is made in my spare time,I claim nothing. TO THE CREATION OF THE VIDEO CLIPS. THE ONLY THING CONTRIBUTED BY ME WAS THE COLLABROATION OF THIS CERTAIN VIDEO. I OWN NOTHING IN THIS VIDEO.
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