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Anonymous - Message to the Russian Space Research Institute.

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  • Description: In the event of officials of the Russian Space Research Institute (IKI) acting against the interests and priorities of Roscosmos, we will educate those officials or if neccessary, punish and remove those officals by force. For this, the video message is created in response to those who insist on repeating the failed Phobos-Grunt sample return mission to Phobos in any way, especially IKI's director Lev Zelenyi, after the failure and crash of the interplanetary probe Phobos-Grunt. This wasn't supposed to be repeated though it was being acknowledged by the Russian space agency Roscosmos. If there was no agreement reached on ExoMars cooperation Roscosmos would try to repeat it. It explains four things which are to be followed by all officials to ensure elimination of corruption and to follow Roscosmos on its high prioritites (currently ExoMars and Luna-Glob):

    1. The punishment and possible criminal prosecution of all Phobos-Grunt team members (as suggested by Russian president Dmitry Medvedev), including mission scientist Alexander Zakharov, for their role in corruption as well as underfunding the spacecraft, if neccessary. Zakharov is the likely culprit for all of this fiasco, and will be Anonymous' primary target of our internet vigilantism.
    2. The disbanding and dissolving of the Phobos-Grunt team, essentially shutting down the Phobos-Grunt project altogether for the time being. When the time comes, the team and the project may be reorganized again.
    3. The takedown of the Phobos-Grunt project website, which has became a Solar System news and content aggregrator for IKI exclusively in Russian language under the name "Project Phobos-Grunt" (use instead). This website is likely to remain online even after the fall of the probe, perhaps forever as a partial news site. This may lead most people to think if Phobos-Grunt succeeded in leaving Earth orbit. This site has since suffered severe technical issues as well as poor website management decisions and politics. Once is taken down or shut down, it may be restored back online IF Russia decides to focus on any future Phobos sample return mission.
    4. As of today, all of any future Russian Phobos sample return mission will be delayed - attempting to pursue such a mission while Roscosmos is currently focusing on ExoMars and Luna-Glob will be assumed to be doing so with possibly treasonous intent of going against Roscosmos.

    This is not a hoax, and we are not playing. We are going to systematically and literally destroy the Phobos-Grunt project (and its plans to repeat it) for the moment because of the reached agreement on Russia-European ExoMars co-operation. Not only we find and punish and prosecute those responsible for the failures, but we also call for a return to military-level tight technical control of Soviet times as Roscosmos director Vladimir Popovkin said to prevent failures of future missions such as ExoMars, Luna-Glob and Luna-Resource for the future of space exploration.

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    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion of Russia.
    We do not Forgive the way IKI does to Roscosmos.
    We do not Forget the failures that plagued every Russian mission.
    To those responsible here at IKI, especially Zelenyi and Zakharov, it's all too soon you'll expect us.


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