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  • Description: The next in the series of videos based on popular songs from hit musicals. We all have seen Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. We all have been touched by the Bible story of a dreamer who have been hurt and betrayed, yet restored because of his ability to forgive. We all deep inside have a desire to know love, peace and light. As children we used to love fairy tales and I truly believe all these fantasy tales come from what is inside each of us. Everybody, whilst feeling himself/herself an ugly duckling, dreams of become a beautiful swan. We can all associate with the girl who is really a princess, yet dressed in rags and being mistreated... Cinderella waiting for her prince. Or what about Snow White who fell under the curse of the wicked witch and only the kiss of a prince can save her! We have became cursed with the world we live in, broken by sin, ugly and lost... and yet we dare to dream about the One who loves us unconditionally, who came for us to make us his own bride! And so the sad song becomes a wedding song, the tears of the brokenhearted are wiped away and turned into laughter. The weeping endures for a night, but joy comes in the morning!

    People are celebrating in many parts of the world. Some call it Easter, others Passover, Pesach, Пасха, Pascua, Ostern, wielkanoc, pascha... We celebrate a love so wide, so high, so all embracing and so unconditional. It is a celebration of life, of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ... of our dream that did come true! The free gift of eternal life!
    Improvised lyrics:
    Prologue (Eden)
    I closed my eyes, drew back the curtain
    To see for certain what I thought I knew
    Far, far away, someone was weeping
    But the world was sleeping
    Any dream will do
    I wore my coat with golden lining
    Bright colors shining, wonderful and new
    And in the east the dawn was breaking
    And the world was waking
    Any dream will do
    A crash of drums, a flash of light
    My golden coat flew out of sight
    The colors faded into darkness
    I was left alone
    May I return to the beginning
    The light is dimming, and the dream is too
    The world and I we are still waiting
    Still hesitating
    Any dream will do
    A crash of drums, a flash of light
    When someone came and took my shame
    His love drove out the fear and darkness
    I was not alone
    It is the dawn of a new beginning
    The light is shining, and the dream comes true
    The King's bride now dressed in white
    All things made new
    All my dreams came true
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    This video has the appearance of a still life, a landscape painting, a piece of art, an example of nature photography swans against a beautiful sunset. But it is actually our story. The adventure of life.
    We all need a happy ending to the story. A wise man once said: Its not important how many times you fall, but how you finish! Its the ending that really counts. Many of us are more concerned with the temporary than with the eternally. Life is not just food football fun and games. What about the future? Our goals? Happiness, hope, inspiration, joy, kids, love, romance... Yet issues such as climate change, aids, global warming, secrets to riches dominate our thoughts, our lifestyle. A new diet. A new fashion. Disney Channel. What about education? How to deal with credit? Finances? What about our freedom? Fear.
    We were made to be creative. Experience. Beings of expression. Beings with family. Friends. Who love the environment. Who dream dreams. To have faith. Believe in God. To live eternally. Eternity is not abstract, distant, something that belongs only to the domain of angels. Its not something only old people should think about, but children and youth. All the books, the latest bestseller, computers and internet just cause more confusion.
    But there is a happy ending. It is written. And the happy ending says: You belong. You are loved. You will live. If... you choose Him!
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