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Aren't We Already Enlightened?

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    Aren't We Already Enlightened? Filmed 08/09/08 at a HYS Satsang, Santa Rosa, CA.

    Satsang Question "Aren't we are already self realized? Don't we just need a paraidgn shift? Is there is no need to practice or to seek because we already are enlightened?"

    Answer: We are all that Divine Flame, but encased in the lamp glass of the mind. Everyone is enlightened but the degree to which we realize and express this enlightenment is the degree to which the soot covering the lamp glass of the mind is clear. That mind is a ceaseless flow of karma, the mindstuff, the karma has to be worked out for that individual divinity to realize the Cosmic Divinity, Enlightenment requires that the curtain of the mind must be melted. That is best done by practicing Kriya Yoga.
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