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[Best Tibetan Songs English & Pinyin Lyrics] HAN Hong - Heaven's Road 韩红 天路

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    韓紅 Han, Hong - 天路 Heaven's Road (or Road on Sky)
    Hong Han is an ethinic Tibetan Chinese singer. Her voice is very good, making her very popular in China. Although she is a Tibetan singer, she tried many different songs and singing styles including pop songs and Peking Opera. I think that she is similar to another Chinese supperstar - Zuying Song. Although Zuying is an ethnic Miao (Hmong) singer, she did try many different singing styles to prove that she is really good and talented.

    Hong Han became known by the Chinese audience because of her popular song entitled The Beauty in Rains & Winds (风雨中的美丽). But I think that her best songs are Tibetan folk songs including this one (Heaven's Road).

    I had a chance to see Hong Han before, when she was not so popular as today. She was invited to sing a song at a decennial celebration of our university. While many students were waiting for their favorite singers, Hong Han arrived. Nobody applauded. Hong Han seemed to be confused and asked us: why don't you applaud? Do you know who I am? Then we realized that she was Hong Han. To show some politeness, a guy told her that we were shocked by her beauty and forgot to applaud. Then all of us knew it was a really bad answer, even worse than "we did not recognize you". This is because Hong Han is not a very beautiful girl (maybe I should say lady). She looked short and fat with a pair of unsuitable black & thick glasses. However, Hong Han seemed to be happy with the answer and did not think it was offensive. "You also think that I am beautiful? Many people said that to me too. By the way, you should feel lucky to listen to a supperstar's song after a while". Supperstar? We laughed at her after she left. Who knows her? What an arrogant, rude, and uneducated "supperstar"!

    However, after listening to her song at the celebration party. Most of us were shocked by her excellent performance. I knew that she deserved much more than what she got at that time. And I realized that she would become a supperstar later. Now, Hong Han has really become a popular supperstar. I think that her voices, not her apperance, have won her many conquests.

    This song is a laud for the Qinghai-Tibet Railway (Qingzang Railway) that the Tibetan people has been longing for many years. In the past, it was difficult for Tibetan people to get neccessary materials such as medicine and food from other parts of China. Many Tibetan students, if they want to get education in other places, have to spend nearly two to three months on the road traveling from Tibet to other parts of China. After the Qingzang Railway was built, the Tibetan people can now easily move to other parts of China. So the Tibetan people are very happy with that. This song expresses their happy feelings. By the way, the Qingzang Railway is one of the toughest projects in the world because there are many challenging engineering difficulties during the construction. I would say, this railway is a wonder in China.

    This is an excellent performance at The Fourth Nanning International Folk Art Festival 2007.
    The Nanning International Folk Art Festival comes with the China-ASEAN Businesss & Investment Summit, the China-ASEAN Expo, and the China-ASEAN Forums in Nanning, Guangxi Province of China.
    第四届中国—东盟博览会暨南宁国际民歌艺术节 大地飞歌 2007
    第四屆中國—東盟博覽會暨南寧國際民歌藝術節 大地飛歌 2007

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