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Black Men & Women Are Under Heavy Surveillance & White Genocide

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  • Description: Answer to an anonymous personal message: Do I think white people are planning to kill black people?

    Ritually sacrifice (aka exterminate) Jewish European bloodlines deemed as a threat or competition to the Priory de Sion, Zionist, Merovingian German Jew aristocratic bloodlines:

    "The most brutal, murderous, and monstrous gang of all time was the Communist regime in Soviet Russia, the U.S.S.R. According to noted historian Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, sixty-six million people perished in

    the Soviet gulag concentration camps and in the liquidation of the farmers and small businessmen.1 In contrast, the notorious Adolf Hitler and his Nazis were pikers. The real holocaust happened in the Soviet Union, and many of those deaths and torments occurred before the Nazis had built a single camp. Hitler and Himmler must have been green with envy.

    Communism the Invention of Jews -- So dominant was the Jewish influence in the Communist regime and its bloody Red Terror that Sir Winston Churchill, in the London Illustrated Herald newspaper, stated that, "Communism was solely the invention of the Jews."5 And, he added, it is not a new thing, for the Jews are historically the people who have fomented bloody revolutions and horrors. Churchill said the Jewish global revolutionary plot can be traced back to the days of Adam Weishaupt and his Bavarian Order of the Illuminati (1776).
    Churchill went on to emphasize that this "worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization, and the reconstruction of society...has been steadily growing." Now, he warns, this band of thugs and murders "have become the undisputed masters of the enormous Russian empire." Solzhenitsyn records that over 60 percent of the Commissars who headed Gulag camps in the U.S.S.R. were Jewish. Other historians estimate the number at 80 percent. Every leader of the dreaded Checka, KGB and secret police was Jewish, including the butcher Beria." .....

    "For the creation of the Pope's Zionist Israel required the "gingerly" mass extermination of two-thirds of European Jewry and millions of Russian Jews, to the delight of Jesuit-trained Joseph Stalin. The subjugation of Russia and China required the "gingerly" extermination of fifty-million Chinese and millions of Orthodox Russians in gulags of Siberia." ....Secret Vatican Briefings on The Creation of Prophet Muhammad
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