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Black, White & Red: Ice Cream "Infant Stimulation"

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    Infant Stimulation Entertainment

    When my now 6month old son was beginning to become aware of the world around him, I set out to look for something he could watch that would be stimulating and simple enough to work on someone so young but also entertaining and interesting enough to keep my almost 4 year old daughter's attention. I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I sat down and came up with something that leaned more towards a cartoon but kept in mind that my intention was to create something that was stimulating and encouraged visual development.

    It's common knowlesge that in the early months infants respond mostly to black, white and red, so it made sense to stick to those bold, contrasting colors. It's high-contrast colors like these that will stimulate, captivate and hold your baby's attention.

    It has worked for my son, he follows the actions on screen, waves his arms and gets excited when he recognises certain moments on repeat viewings. My daughter also enjoys it from an entertainment point of view, so it's been a success in that regard.

    Hopefully you will find this useful as we hope to make many more. Please pass this on and let us know how your little one responds.
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