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Bleached 4: White Out -aG2Cy6qoGS0

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  • Description: PLEASE READ: Bleached 4 is here everyone.^^ This one actually didn't take that long to complete compared to the last two, which is ironic because this is the longest bleached so far, in fact I had to shorten it slightly. I guess that means I'm getting better at making these.^^ The only problem with this one is that my water mark doubles up on some scenes for some reason. I could've went in and attempted to fix it but it would've been too much trouble for such a small problem and I doubt it"ll ruin the experience for you anyway. Well that's it, as always I hope you have fun watching. enjoy.^^

    I want to give a little credit to killermuffinmanx because I took his suggestion and included Nnoitora getting stabbed in the eye (or rather his hollow hole) for the vote or die parody.

    Oh and I forgot to take xviD4PSP out of the credits under programs. I was planning on using it but I didn't need it. And also in the credits under songs, the song crosstime should be crosswise, sorry for the error. -aG2Cy6qoGS0
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