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BLESSING opening Credit

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  • Description: This is Video for an RP site about three sisters, daughters of Phoebe and Coop.
    Written By Jerome and Duta

    and The Site

    Rachel McAdams - Anabel Halliwell/Anna (Telekinesis, Invisibility)
    Mandy Moore - Amanda halliwell/Mandy (Molecular Immobilization, Hearting)
    Jessica Alba - Alexis Halliwell/Alex (Premonition, Deflection)
    Gabriel Macht - Lukas Simmons/Luke (Orbing, Healing, Sensing, Glamouring)
    Chris Evans - Aaron Daly/Aaron - Love interest of Anabel
    and Jason Behr - Lincoln Turner/Link (Force Field,Inceneration)

    Music Opening: The Last Goodnight - Picture of You

    Disclaimer: I do not own the movie or the songs I used in this video, and i do not gain any profit from making videos.. This video is fan made.
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