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Blue Eyed Devils - It Ends

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  • Description: Blue Eyed Devils - It Ends

    Yeah, I saw their symbols burning down.
    The new world order razed to the ground.
    The years of oppression spit back in their face.
    A noble beginning has become a disgrace.
    The pain, the torment, the hypocrisy.
    A world consumed by this tyranny.
    The masses swallow all they have been fed.
    Ingesting the poison, they are blindly led.

    This society rots and slowly dies.
    The result of a nation built on lies.

    Deceit continues, animosity grows.
    The invincible fortress has its weakness exposed.
    Destruction of the system, this occupied state.
    Incessant corruption has sealed its fate.
    Ignorant masses pledge their loyalty,
    to a government run by political greed.
    This shell of a nation crumbles and dies.
    Righteous attacks sustain its demise

    Nothing of value to defend
    Like those before, it also must end

    Bring it down, Nothing to defend. In time, IT ENDS
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