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  • Description: the Blue Ribbon Glee Club sings "Waiting Room"

    Fugazi / Glee Club video mash-up

    Audio: from the BRGC's first show (Ronny's, 5/3/07).
    Video: Fugazi live at the Wilson Center (Washington DC, 12/29/88). Shot by Jim Spellman. Edited by Billy Helmkamp.

    "These locals tip the scales at around 30 members, culled from the lineups of other Chicago groups, but you can't blame that on the Polyphonic Sufjan mega-band trend—they're a bona fide glee club. Their sound is so wobbly, so amateur and informal, that calling them a choir would be a bit grandiose, and they plunge into the songs they've chosen—mostly punk and indie-rock standards—with a reckless enthusiasm for which glee is really the only proper synonym. They ooh and aah and bomp-bomp-baah their way through Fugazi's "Waiting Room" and the Clash's "Spanish Bombs," bringing out the songs' latent whimsy—plus you can finally understand all the words. Performances are entirely a cappella, save for some sparse drumming or tambourine shaking—they even sing the riffs and solos." —Jessica Hopper/CHICAGO READER


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