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Bugs Bunny - Backwoods Bunny (1959)

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  • Description: Backwoods Bunny is a Merrie Melodies cartoon short, released in 1959, which was written and directed by Robert McKimson. While Bugs Bunny takes a vacation in the Ozarks he is pursued by some famished buzzards named Pappy and Elvis. This is one of two cartoons featuring Pappy and Elvis, the other being the Foghorn Leghorn cartoon, "The Dixie Fryer."


    The cartoon opens as Bugs is traveling his usual way, underground, and he runs into a tree. When he pokes his head out of the dirt, he wonders where he is, and looks over at a sign that says, "Y'all's are in the Ozarks". As he decides to stay where he is and clean out his hole, the scene turns to a small cottage placed atop a tall bare tree occupied by a father buzzard named Pappy and his son Elvis.
    The impression we get is that Pappy and his son are dirt poor, because flies are buzzing around him and the shack they're living in is apparently run-down. Pappy smells something unusual and calls for Elvis to bring his "long distance seein' glasses". He says, "My nose is twichin' like there's eatin' vittles a'movin' down thar." As Elvis brings the binoculars, Pappy tells him to look through them, and as Elvis goes out onto the porch and looks around, he spots bugs cleaning out his hole. Elvis plans to catch bugs by luring him with a carrot. Bugs spots Elvis and says, "Uh oh, looks like I got company". Elvis places the carrot by the entrance to his hole, and Bugs says, "Well, here we go with the carrot bit."
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