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Cappie / Casey / Evan - Two Princes

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  • Description: "Marry him, marry me
    I'm the one that loved you baby can't you see?
    Ain't got no future or family tree,
    But I know what a prince and lover ought to be..."

    Casey in the middle of her two princes. Who will she choose in the end?

    This video is for CopycatF. She suggested the song for a Cappie/Casey/Evan video and I think it was a really awesome suggestion. I had this idea once before but I never really made it, and thats why I'm so thankful that she suggested it! Thanks a lot! :)

    I hope you'll enjoy the video, even though its so short and definitely not my best editing work but I had a lot of fun making it! :)

    This video pretty much sums up why I prefer Cappie/Casey over Casey/Evan. I mean Evan may be the prince who gave her presents and a "family tree", but Cappie is the one who made (and still makes) her smile, who loved and loves her no matter what. Cappie always treated her good (well, ok, maybe except for the reason for their break-up), was always there for her, even when she was with someone else. Evan really treated her bad, and so did she sometimes. They just weren't good for each other. But thats just my opinion. Please don't feel offended if you are a Casey/Evan shipper I totally respect every shipper! :)

    Ohh, and one more thing: thanks so much everyone for all your video suggestions! you guys are just awesome. so many great idea. I will try to make as many as possible.

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    Rebecca: So Dereks that good, ha?
    Casey: Argh, I had better
    Rebecca: Like who: Cappie or Evan?

    Evan: You must be really tired coming in second to me.
    Cappie: You know what makes it easier? Knowing I'll always be her first.

    Casey: Oh, hey Cap. Gotcha!
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