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Cappie & Casey - Not ready to let go

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    "I can't find another way around
    And I don't wanna hear the sound
    Of losing what I've never found. "

    A video about Cappie and Casey in season 3, about the events, thoughts and reasons that lead to their break up in 3x20.

    *The song was suggested by CallistaHogan and I'm more than happy to finally fulfill one of her video suggestions (because I know, I still haven't made the Lifehouse videos). Thanks again for the suggestion, the song is just perfect for them right now! :) *
    But I had to change the pitch of the song (stupid copyright...), that's why the song sounds weird. I will try to upload the video some place else with the right sound and give you the link!

    Ok, finally here it is, my way of dealing with their break up. I would have finished this video much earlier but... life got in the way.

    So I told you in my latest Rebecca/Evan video that I wanted to wait for this video to tell you my thoughts about the finale but I don't have much to say. I think I said it all with my video. I know there are a lot of Cappie/Casey fans who are on Cappie's side, others are on Casey's side. I actually can understand both of them. It's like it's said in the song: Both are not ready to let go... : Casey is not ready to let got of her dream to become a lawyer, Cappie is not ready to let go of college, BUT they both aren't ready to let go of EACH OTHER! I understand why Casey has to leave to follow her dream, why Cappie can't leave... but what I don't understand is, why they can't find a way to make it work despite that!? I mean, in a relationship you have to deal with decisions like that, everyone who has been a relationship that lasted a few years knows that. The important thing is to find a solution TOGETHER. And that's what they never did. And that's what they need to do next season, don't you think?

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