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Car accident video clips, road safety analysis - spsyed

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  • Description: Car accidents video clips compilation. These clips aims to heighten public awareness to car and road safety. The video clips use high quality special effects to graphically depict the injuries and fatalities that occur everyday in your villages, towns and cities, everyday. The gut-wrenching scenes show various situations where driving fast, without due care and without seatbelts frequently results result in injury, death, and property damage. Road trafifc accidents remain avoidable, preventive and predictable tragedies. Such sad events lead to significant number of deaths and disabilities as well as significant financial costs to both society and individuals worldwide. Please take a few minutes to watch the moving clips, and avoid taking similar risks. Always remember to kill car speed; ensure all motor vehicles remain in road-worthy condition, and fully insured for all liabilities. Also ensure young, under-age children know about road safety whenever they use the roads.

    The key elements of good and bad driving include: controlling a car including a good awareness of the car's size, speed, and capabilities; reading and reacting to road conditions, weather (rain, snow, ice, fog), road signs, visibility, environment; reading and anticipating the behaviour of other drivers, motor bike riders, pedestrians, cyclists, animals; driver fitness, and over confident drivers. The risk of being injured increases exponentially with speeds much faster than the low-median speed. Most avoidable accidents related to speed involve speed too fast the for the prevailing conditions is a factor in about 40 percent of road deaths and injuries.

    Driver error, intoxication (driving under the influence of alcohol, or prescribed and illegal drugs), using cell or mobile phones to talk, send and receive text messages or email, and other human impairment factors (eyes, fatigue, sleepy, response time, lack of due care or attention, etc) contribute wholly or partly to about 93% of crashes. Nearly all drivers who'd been in a crash did not believe themselves to be at fault. 57% of crashes were due solely to driver factors, 27% to combined roadway and driver factors, 6% to combined vehicle and driver factors, 3% solely to roadway factors, 3% to combined roadway, driver, and vehicle factors, 2% solely to vehicle factors and 1% to combined roadway and vehicle factors.

    Over 1.2 million people were killed (2.2% of all deaths, including 260,000 children under 19-year old), and 50 million more were severely injured or disabled (including ten million children under 19-year old) in motor vehicle accidents or collisions around the world in 2004. In financial terms, the global economic cost of car accidents was US $518 billion per year in 2003 with $100 billion of that occurring in developing countries. The figure for the US was $230 billion in the year 2000. Over 90% of the worlds fatalities on the roads occur in low-income and middle-income countries, which have only 48% of the worlds registered vehicles, and road traffic injuries will rise to become the fifth leading cause of death by 2030. Road traffic deaths and injuries are set to exceed HIV/AIDS as a burden of death and disability by 2020.
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