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Carpenters - Desperado (Brokeback Mountain)

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  • Description: Recorded when Karen was just 24 years old, Richard says that he and Karen almost did not record this song, but did it on a whim after a studio executive suggested the song for the "Horizon" album. He felt that with the Eagles version as well as Linda Ronstadt's recording of the song already available, there was no need for them to record their version, but in retrospect, he says he's glad they did .

    This recording remains one of Karen's most heartfelt and melancholic performances. But because several other artists had recorded the song, A&M decided not to release the song as a single, despite the fact that the song is one of the best tracks on the album.

    The chillingly perfect harmonica is performed by Tommy Morgan who also played the harmonica on Rainy Days and Mondays.

    The concept for this video was suggested to me by one of my subscribers, Carpentersfan2003 (Thanks, Kyle!).
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