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Cesar Jimenez presents: Depressants Drug

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  • Description: (READ THE DESCRIPTION FIRST!) COPYRIGHTED. I own everything used in the video.
    Well, we had to do a project in my Physical Education class. We were on the drug unit, talking about drugs, smoking, and alchohol. Our project was to make a video that showed us the effects and dangers about the way drugs affected us and the world around us. The video could either be live-action, animated, or a video off the internet mixed with some editing, but it could NOT be a presentation (in this case, a Powerpoint presentation, Word document, or slide by slide pictures). I chose animation for mine, because I'm good for animation at my school.
    We'll first of all, we had to choose our topics. We had a list of different drugs, and smoking and alchohol, to choose from. I wanted to choose alchohol ecause it gave me a perfect idea for an animation; I was gonna make somethng that would look like a classic 20's cartoon (you know, 'cause it was alright back then to show off toons that got drunk). BUUUUUUT, somebody beat it to me, so now I had to choose something I wasn't prepared for. And I ended up with depressants, drugs that "relax" you. Then after a while, I found some info, and that triggered my brain for an animation idea. I first made a storyboard of animation sequences and how they would go. Then I did the animation.
    Well, it takes me a while to make ONE slide of animation, so I tried to make it simple yet extraordinary. It was a Monday, and I ended up making about 10 slides 'till 12:00 am, and the project was due on WEDNESDAY! Well, I had to render what I had, and I knew I was gonna fail, because the PowerPoint cartoon ended up being aboout 40 seconds. -__- yeah, lame, I know. BUUUUT... I found a way to get around it and make it more interesting. Well, you see, I have more than just that new Powerpoint animation, plus the Softimage XSI animated videos. I decided I could use those and twist them in with the new video to make it look drug-related. So, I put things in, edited them, added words in, plus some new pictures (nothing here is from the internet except the info), and finally saved the video. All in all, the video, starting as 40 seconds by itself, ended up being over 4 minutes with the stuff I added in. And believe it or not, I got a good high grade on it!
    You may know many of these videos used. I used them to add more to the original, 40-seconds-long video. it also introduces a new Jimenitoon character of mine: Britney.
    Used: Powerpoint 2007, Softimage XSI 2011, Windows Movie Maker, old video clips, music from
    This video is supposed to be educational and entertaining at the same time. Tell me what you think.
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