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Charlie Sheen regroups in 'Anger Management'.

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  • Description: His last TV show, CBS' Two and a Half Men, ran him over with a subway train, and a promo for his new comedy, FX's Anger Management, premiering Thursday (9 ET/PT), plays off his Men funeral, featuring the actor in a casket. At a September Comedy Central roast, comics made brutal jokes about his impending death that even he found "a little spooky."

    His career seemed mortally wounded after the bizarre rants and behavior that led to and followed last year's firing from Men. And family and friends were worried about him.

    "It was like a weird dream I couldn't wake up from," Sheen says. "You know, when you're at one of those water parks, and you're in an inner tube, and you get that final wave that sends you toward that final deal. I couldn't get away from that moment."

    Sitting near his tiled backyard pool in the hills above Los Angeles, Sheen, 46, is clear-eyed and comfortable, not the wild-eyed rambler who got the world hooked on "tiger blood" and "winning." There are no "goddesses" in sight, and his national My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option tour is just a memory.

    He credits some down time with cooling the situation from a perpetual boil. "I went dark as soon as I came home (from the tour). I didn't give a single interview. I didn't talk about tiger blood, winning or anything. Without me fueling it, it died off," says the actor, dressed in a long-sleeve blue shirt and plaid shorts. That and other events, such as the purgative roast, let the tumult "come to a peaceful halt, not going 150 miles per hour into a brick wall playing Freebird."

    Advertisers have come back, with Fiat and DirecTV casting him in commercials playing off his bad-boy image. So has Hollywood, with his role as the president in Robert Rodriguez's Machete sequel. But whether viewers will return for more than a curious peek after all that has taken place remains to be seen.

    "I'm a retired gambler, three years. Not recovering, retired. But this is a gamble I'd be willing to take," he says. "The show, I believe, will remind people that they were curious about the work at first and not the antics."
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