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Charmed Season 10 (ReCharmed) Opening

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  • Description: This is my newest work, based on a fanfiction I wrote some years ago...hope you like it! =)

    The Plot:
    All begins with a demon called Efestus, who wants to set free his boss Megarus, an extremely powerful demon who wants to destroy the whole umanity...for doing this, Efestus needs the power of the Halliwell's house, but the Charmed Ones could be a he teleport them in an alternative reality, without remembering anything of their past and, at the beginning, without their powers...
    But Piper is too emotionally connected with her family to forget all about it...infact, when she read the spell to obtain the powers, she obtain back, with her powers, also the memory...and after some tries she manage to do the same to her sisters...but the Power Of Three it's not strong enough to bring the Charmed Ones to their reality...where in while the Elders have decided to resurrect Prue, Penny and Patty to protect the house against Efestus...Hayden Panettiere is Claire, the same character of Heroes...infact the reality in wich Efestus have brought the Charmed Ones is the Heroes one...the Charmed Ones meet her when Jeremy tries to kill her in front of Phoebe...from that point Claire begins to help the Charmed Ones to return to their a certain point in the story, the Charmed Ones, for protecting her from the Source (all the demons are still alive in this reality), make a protection the spell, but something goes wrong, and Claire becomes a witch, with almost all the Charmed Ones powers and with her regeneration ability strenghtened...
    At the end of the season, the Charmed Ones manage to return to their reality, but Efestus manage the same to awaken Megarus...
    In the last "episode" of the season, the Charmed Ones (with Prue) and Claire to fight Efestus and Megarus...Claire manage to vanquish Efestus...but Megarus appears to be too strong also for the Charmed Ones...the season ends with the Charmed Ones defeated by Megarus, and with Phoebe apparently died...


    Holly Marie Combs as Piper
    Rose McGowan as Paige
    Shannen Doherty as Prue
    Kaley Cuoco as Billie
    Hayden Panettiere as Claire
    Alyssa Milano as Phoebe

    Song: "Smile" by Avril Lavigne
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