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Chasing the Sun Cover (The Wanted)

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    I've been deliberating whether to upload this for about a week but I think you guys might like it so I decided I would. I look pretty bad in this video and the introduction's a bit embarrassing, but I love the song and it was fun to cover so I'll just be interested to see what you think! This was the best recording I all the others I said 'frozen' instead of golden, which I knew people would pick up on! :L
    I realise that I'm getting incredibly incredibly close to my 1000 I am posting this the figure stands at 998, so I'm just holding my breath for the last two :') I know which original song I am going to post first, and I'll probably do it in about a weeks time so keep a look out!
    I really really hope you like this . Please continue subscribing, liking, commenting and following- here's my Twitter and Facebook links:

    Thank you :D xxxxxx
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