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  • Description: YESTERDAY, on September 28, 2008, the People's Republic of China performed their FIRST EVER SPACEWALK aboard the Shenzhou 7 mission.

    China became the third country to spacewalk and perform EVAs.

    The spacewalk was performed by Zhai Zhigang in his Chinese-designed Feitian spacesuit and also by Liu Boming in his Orlan-M spacesuit. The third crewmember, Jing Haipeng, stayed in the spacecraft. Zhai Zhigang spacewalked for 20 minutes and waved the Chinese flag in space while doing so.

    A message to all the crewmembers, to all the Chinese, and to ALL of the astronauts around the world: CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Shenzhou VII was China's third human spaceflight, and was China's first ever spacewalk. With the launch of the manned Shenzhou 7 mission, China became the third nation in the world to spacewalk.

    At 21:10 CST, September 25, three Chinese astronauts (taikonauts) inside the Shenzhou 7 spacecraft blasted off on its CZ-2F "Long March 2" rocket boosters.
    This will be China's first three-man mission. This mission will also be China's first launch of a mini-satellite, China's first water training pool, and China's first extraterrestial Communist Party branch.

    During the mission, the crew will also launch China's first data-relay satelllite, named "Tianlian 1". Two Yuanwang-class space tracking ships (5 and 5) will also be used to track the mission.

    China's space program is currently the world's third most advanced and largest space program. The Chinese space program is also the world's fastest-advancing and fastest-upgrading space program.

    Shenzhou 7 will include SIX of China's first ever accomplishments!

    China will launch a full-size space station in 2010, build a space shuttle, have a human landing on the moon by 2020, and a manned mission to Mars by 2040.

    So, to our Chinese fellows and friends from all around the world, we don't just can do it, WE DID IT!
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