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Chris Gayle - 37 runs in 1 Over - NEW IPL CRICKET RECORD

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  • Description: 37 runs off 7 balls: Chris Gayle sets IPL record
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    At the start of 3rd over, Chris Gayle was batting on 8 off six balls. Prashanth Parameswaran, who on debut last week, had won the man of the match award for his two wickets, is the bowler. What happened next is unlikely to be topped even in book cricket - the ultimate result was an IPL record wherein he scored 37 runs off 7 balls:

    2.1, SIX; Parameswaran lands the ball on a good length outside off, Gayle makes room and opens the bat face to send the ball flying over point.

    2.2, no ball, SIX; The bowler delivers further outside off. It unfortunately still remains in Gayle's swing arc and flies away once again over the point boundary. More misery for the bowler follows when a no ball is called for overstepping.

    2.2, FOUR; The free hit delivery is slightly short. It disappears through midwicket but only along the ground.

    2.3, FOUR; Parameswaran corrects his length bowling a back of good length delivery outside off. Gayle simply punches it between cover and extra cover.

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    2.4, SIX; The bowling is predictable now. With five fielders on the off side circle, Parameswaran pitches the delivery once more outside off. Gayle, equally predictably, hits another maximum, clearing the mid-off boundary by a distance this time.

    2.5, SIX; Gayle goes down the ground over the bowlers head, and the sight screen for a massive 91-metre blow.

    2.6, FOUR; The Jamaican makes room for another big hit but only gets an inside edge. In an over where nothing has gone right for Parameswaran, the edge runs past fine leg for four runs.
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