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Chronicles of a Sad Story - Awakening - Part 3

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  • Description: Our unnamed anti-hero seeks revenge for the wrongs done upon his people, his love, and himself. He took a vow to somehow return his love to life and be with her again.
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    Picture by Yasmeen Yarkspiri:

    Thank you all for being incredibly patient with this project. I started putting it off after making the second part because it simply takes a big toll on you to work on big projects like this. In the end however, I really wanted to finish it even if I knew it was going to end up taking up almost 5 weeks of full time work to finally put it out. This story is dear to my heart and I couldn't have it end simply as it did on the second part. Hope you all enjoyed it and if you can, it would mean the world to me if you would leave a 'like' and a comment. I love hearing what your guy's opinions are :)

    Take care!
    This is a Machinima of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. If you want to know more about how these things are done or how to make your own, then check out this video where I explain the basics of how to make awesome machinimas:

    As per popular demand: for a complete list of all the mods used in this video, check out this other video I made specially for that:
    Skyrim Cover Music and Credits song by Malukah

    Rhexx as the mysterious anti-hero
    Casey Mendoza as the mysterious hero in dwarven armor
    Amani as Hroki
    Irina Velez as the angels
    Justin Robar as the commander of the armies
    Ryan Satter as the king
    James Darroch as the demon and his minions
    Chelsea Boynton as the witch
    Arni AEzun'drez as voiced effects
    --Special thanks to every single one of you who auditioned to help me out finish this project and for those of you who at some point where part of the cast but your voice couldn't or didn't make it to the final render.
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