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Chronicles of a Sad Story - Genesis - Part 1

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  • Description: This is the first part of Chronicles of a Sad Story. So if you liked this video then you should check where it came from:

    Our unnamed anti-hero takes revenge on the world after having his tribe murdered. He takes a vow to find a way to be with his love again and destroy those who killed her.

    Hope you guys enjoyed the video. It took me 2 full days to finish this up (waking up - work - sleep - waking up - work - sleep) no joke. Took me a week to release it just cause I had some technical problems that I had to deal with before uploading it. But I know that a lot of you were asking about Secret Magic part 2 and I really wanted to give it to you guys. Peace out homies, and take care! :)

    Kevin MacLeod "Hero Down" (0:00 - 0:25) (2:51 - 3:40)
    Kevin MacLeod "Long Road Ahead" (8:00 - 8:30)
    Malufenix's "The Dragonborn Comes" cover:

    Kevin's music is Royalty free music and you are allowed to use it without copyright infringement as long as you give him credit for the pieces that you used. Please visit his site: His tunes are awesome.

    Malufenix allows everyone to use her covers as long as you give her credit for the piece that you use. Check out her channel here: She is amazing.

    There were A LOT of mods used in the making of this video and I am not going to list every single one of them here. If you are interested in modding your Skyrim (Only for PC) then check out this site:
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