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Chrono Cross 2 Amv |E13 Pro Study 014|

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    Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park

    Chrono Cross

    No, there is no such thing as a second Chrono Cross unless you're talking about my second Chrono Cross Amv in E13 Pro. Although it would be interesting if they came out with a Chrono Cross 2 for PS3 or Wii... I can just see it now; Serge comes back 3 years later with a new foe that is trying to bring his past back. Instead of traveling to just two different worlds, he is also traveling to different times as well. With his best ally Kid by his side, they will find this new foe; restore the time and dimension distortion saving all four worlds in the past and future.
    Hehehe; not bad huh? That's off the top of my head too, lmao. That's still not bad though considering I know all the games I own fairly well. I just might write a fan fiction on Chrono Cross... after I finish and publish my book. Well, leave a comment and I'll be back.

    I do *not* own any of the games, shows, music, anime, mangas, companies or audio. Or even any things that can associate with the selection. There belong to whatever companies made them. Okay? This was purely fan made and don't forget, it was made under the Evolution XIII Project® Copyright. So no suing all right?
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