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Circumcision DVD (SAMPLE)

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  • Description: To purchase this 19-minute educational DVD, please visit THE CIRCUMCISION DVD is an objective tool for parents faced with this important decision - a decision that will affect their newborn son for the rest of his life. This DVD gives parents a first-hand look at the procedure and enables them to make a more informed decision about their new baby.

    THE CIRCUMCISION DVD takes parents where non-medical people have seldom gone - to witness actual circumcision surgery. The three most widely-practiced procedures - Plastibell, Mogen, and Gomco are closely examined in this enlightening program. Step by step, this DVD demonstrates the three surgeries and includes informative descriptions of every detail.

    Having accurate information is critical for making any important decision. THE CIRCUMCISION DVD gives parents what has not been available before - an unbiased look at the procedure itself.

    Review From Library Journal
    "To assist parents in making an informed decision regarding circumcision, this DVD provides an objective look at the three most commonly used medical procedures for circumcision of male infants - Plastibell, Mogen, and Gomco. Close-ups show the preparation, the administration of anesthetic, and the actual medical procedures; viewer discretion is advised. Both the doctor and narrator discuss the process in real time so that the viewer is fully informed. No attempt is made to indicate the advantages of one procedure over another or to discuss the issue of whether to circumcise or not. An excellent DVD for parents who want to understand fully their various options. Recommended for patient libraries."
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