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Closer to the Heart- Rush (Rock Band Expert Drums)

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  • Description: Please help me! Sightread + New tv= Bad run

    Extra suckiness is due to lag from my new HDTV :( I have a 40" LCD 1080p Any help with calibration settings would be appreciated!

    I'll get a much better run later, along with the rest of the songs this week once I figure out a better calibration, at least my new TV rocks! :D

    This video is a run on expert drums:Closer to the Heart by Rush

    For higher quality video add: &fmt=6 to the end of the link, or click link under video to watch in high def

    I thought this was a soothing song; very relaxed & mellow. I liked it and it has some fun parts! I recommend it.


    For those that keep asking, I jam on the Xbox360, my gamer tag is the same as here :)

    Check out this page every week for the new Rock Band DLC, as I will be posting new videos if I purchase the new DLC.

    These videos are not meant to be elite, but rather to show the general public what the note charts look like and possibly how the covers of the songs sound, if applicable. I'm not the best drummer out there considering I've never played drums in my life, but I think I'm decent enough after a few months of game play; nor the best guitarist. I'll try my best to obtain 5 stars, but some songs will be difficult. If such a case arrives, I'll bring the expert chart into practice mode if I can't get a good run. Either way I will post the best run I can get.

    Also, please leave the negative comments at the door. I know I'm not great, I'm not trying to do elite videos as most of them will be first, second or third runs. Enjoy the videos, and be able to make a decision about purchasing said DLC.

    I use a game bridge to record the videos, research on Google :)
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