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Cobus - Paramore - Careful (Drum Cover)

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  • Description: Laus Deo Semper

    (by far most active here. fo shizzle.)

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    "Less is more" cerainly doesn't apply here, haha, definitely one of my most overplayed covers; starting with the song's drumming already being quite busy. LOVED it, though. Zac has a style that I love listening to and it's so much fun jamming along to this song.

    A technique that I stumbled accross while jamming a week or so before recording these covers, is hitting the cymbals from underneath; and although this looks kind of cool, the main reason is fluidity. I find the action to be much more natural when the stroke comes from exactly where it is; ie I had just finished hitting the floor tom, my hand is already underneath the cymbal, so it makes more sense to just hit it from there, as opposed to lifting it up and THEN hitting it; which equates to double the distance. Those kind of strokes feature quite regularly in the bridge of the song, I love using it.

    Just as a sidenote (for the audio engineers and mixer who might be wondering) NO replacement or triggering was done in this mix. Every single stroke you hear was just eq'd, mixed, and compressed; I didn't layer or trigger or replace anything.


    Paramore - Careful
    from the 2009 release "brand new eyes"
    is the copyrighted property of its owner(s).


    UDRUM |
    Cobus Potgieter LDS Signature Series

    TRX Cymbals |

    Jobeky Electronic Drums |

    Recording equipment:
    Samson |
    supplied and imported by Audiosure, South Africa |

    Skins and sticks supplied by
    Music Connection |
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