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Cockroach dissection - Respiratory system

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  • Description: This video shows a cockroach's dissected respiratory organs. The respiratory system of insects is made up of many branching tubes. The tubes start at openings, called spiracles, found on the surface of the cockroach. Air enters the cockroach's body through the spiracles. The spiracles are found in each of the cockroach's segments. The larger tubes are called trachea. Trachea are found close to the cockroach's dorsal vessel , or heart. The trachea branch into smaller tubes, called tracheoles. [show with arrow] The tracheoles surround all of the insect's organs and tissues. They supply the hindgut, or colon, with air. Air passes into the trachea and moves on into the tracheoles and finally into the body tissues. The oxygen in the air diffuses, or spreads into, the cells that form the tissues. Carbon dioxide leaves the cells and moves back through the tracheal system consisting of the tracheoles and the trachea and leaves the insect's body through the spiracles.
    In comparison, in humans oxygen and carbon dioxide is carried from and to the lungs by the blood in the blood vessels of the circulatory system. Humans do not have a tracheal system.
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