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  • Description: as i was a little kid i was scared of everything and nothing besides dogs scare me my first dream as a little kid was when i was that torch lady on the logo columbia pictures and i wasn't even scared of the columbia opening on the movies that torch lady gave me a dream of the shiny bright light on the torch (fire) the torch lady had nothing to do with me everytime i watch a columbia pictures movie the same torch lady stands up on the tear pedestal with that torch well i know who the torch lady is some of you people think that cartoon women was the real columbia torch lady but for somehow let me get this straight the real torch lady on the logo is jenny joseph women of 2 children she still plays the columbia torch lady on the logo i've seen the logo on stuart little surf's up but not cloudy with a chance of meat balls yet open season big daddy and more but i bet i'm going to see another movie with the logo of the torch lady i've 1st saw the logo when i was 1 years old and watched it on vhs only and then dvd
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