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Connections - Episode 8 - Consequences

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  • Description: With Rose still in the hospital, and Marti and Julian waited for her to wake up, Gwen and Elena still grieving for the loss of Ianto, and Jack being blamed his death, Torchwood are divided at the worst possible time. Gwen does not blame Jack for Ianto's death and realises that Jack could do with seeing Emmett to make him feel better. She calls Emmett and explains what is wrong with Jack. Emmett already knows about Ianto's death. He agrees to meet them. Jack is surprised to see Emmett and is happy to see him. He and Gwen exchange a smile before Jack goes to talk to Emmett.
    When they are at dinner Jack and Emmett talk and Emmett tells him that everything he said made sense. Leaving was a good idea. Jack and Emmett's relationship starts up again but Emmett tells Jack that he knows that all the secrecy means that he is just another face in the crowd outside their bedroom to protect him, but Jack doesn't want him thinking that he cares less for him.
    Meanwhile, Damon is keeping an eye on Elena making sure she is safe. Elena is surprised to see him outside her school. He tells her that he is only looking out for her. Julian must assure Marti that Rose will be alright and she will wake up.
    Elena talks to her friend Lexi about Damon and what she should do because she still loves him. After some advice from Lexi, Elena makes an important decision.
    Jack visits Rose in the hospital and talks to her and tells her he is sorry and that he knows what he must do. Jack and Emmett argue when Jack tells him that he can't tell anyone how he is feeling. Emmett takes this personally and thinks that he doesn't mean as much to Jack as he thought. When Emmett asks him about their relationship, Jack can't find the words.
    Much to the Doctor and Marti's joy, Rose wakes up from her coma just in time. John, knowing of the divisions he has caused within the team, makes his next move and he goes for Elena. Damon feeling like he has failed in protecting her, calls Gwen and tells her what has happened. She tells him to find her daughter because this is his fault and tells Jack what has happened. Damon finds Elena but Elena warns him away and begs John not to hurt Damon. This was a trap for Damon. The time has come for John to take revenge on Damon for abandoning him. Elena continues to beg but this holds no weight with John. He attacks Damon and walks away, leaving Elena to pick up the pieces. Gwen asks Elena to trust her and stay away from Damon, but Elena asks her why she should and it is none of her business, but Gwen tells her she is trying to protect her.
    Emmett calls Gwen (not shown in vid) because he is worried about Jack as he hasn't seen him in days. Days have passed since Elena's kidnapping and Emmett's call to Gwen. Gwen calls the Doctor telling him that Jack has gone, but the Doctor tells her that he knows. He tried to stop Jack but he wouldn't listen. Jack told him that he couldn't help him because of what has happened to Rose (flashback)Jack makes a final decision to end this once and for all. He confronts John but unaware of all the anger and hurt that John is feeling, Jack is subjected to torture by John and John messes with the rift controls, opening the rift. Emmett continues to wait for Jack to return unaware of what is happening to him. Mel tries to convince Emmett that Jack is just abusing him, but Emmett, still so in love with Jack stands up for him and tells her that it's not true. However, after John is finished and left, Rose finds Jack in a pool of blood on the hub floor. Jack, when he is cleaned up tells her that he is fine, but Rose doesn't believe him. Jack finally returns to Emmett. John's actions have some rather unexpected consequences, not just for Damon.
    Clips: torchwood, doctor who, the vampire diaries, queer as folk, hellcats, baker boys, single father, Wake, Desperate Housewives, Shakespeare Retold Much Ado About Nothing, Smallville.
    Music: All the Way (4U) by Poets of the Fall, Moving Mountains by Two Steps from Hell

    Spoilers: Ianto has been brought back thanks to John's meddling with the rift, and Damon is starting to feel unwell after John stabs him with a poisoned blade. Damon is unaware that the blade was poisoned but starts to feel the symptoms of light headedness.
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