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Connections - Season 2 Episode 11 - Part One - Only Human

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  • Description: There is a slight glitch at the end. Sorry about that guys and sorry for the lack of Doctor and Rose in this episode but they weren't essential to the storyline.

    Storyline: Sherlock is losing his patience with Jack for being so naive about Moriarty's motives. He shouts at him telling him that Moriarty is playing with his mind. Sherlock confronts Julian about what he has done and asks him how he knew he could trust him and Julian tells him about the cancer. Sherlock is still frustrated with Julian even with his explanation and leaves to try and find Moriarty himself. Jack feels like he should try and be there for Julian and tells him to consider what he put Marti through, but Julian lashes out and asks Jack to consider what he went through as well. Gwen and Ianto are concerned that Elena broke up with Damon after all they have been through and Elena explains that it was for the best to protect him, but they don't understand. Damon is finding it hard to accept.
    Sherlock still can't find Moriarty and so he and Jack go to the lab where Sherlock's friend Molly works. She had been helping him find Moriarty before Sherlock found Torchwood. Jack looked through some research while Sherlock worked with Molly. Molly makes some observations about Sherlock. Jack returns to Torchwood and Sherlock thinks about what Molly said.
    When Damon confronts Elena about their relationship they are attacked by another stranger connected with Moriarty. Sherlock finally catches up with Moriarty. They begin to talk. Julian decides to confront Marti and try and save their relationship. He asks her why she chose him. She tells him it was because she loved him and also tells him that everything has changed between them. Julian gets angry and tells her that he was doing this to protect everyone and she has no right to be mad at him. He tells her that he loves her and if that means anything to her. He asks her one final question. Does this relationship have a future? Can Marti save their relationship?
    Sherlock gets angry at everything Moriarty has done and as he is hanging over the building Moriarty gives him an option. If Sherlock dies, all of his friends will be safe. Three lives end up in the firing line as Moriarty makes his last stand. With Damon and Elena captured, Jack is shot, but he is able to get home to Emmett who takes care of him. Damon is beaten by their captive and Elena is hurt in the process. The third life is that of Ianto, but Gwen tries to talk the captives into releasing him, but Ianto manages to free himself and regain control. Sherlock decides to save their lives. However, Moriarty does something unexpected. This makes Sherlock realise that if he doesn't kill himself the killers will never be called off and thinks that three people will lose their lives. Damon is able to stop one of the killers as Ianto did and Jack is healed. (No lives are really in danger). The team do not realise that everyone is safe. Elena makes sure Damon is alright. Damon realises that she is bleeding and checks if she is alright, but Elena pulls away. Damon begs her to think about their relationship.
    Sherlock makes one final phone call to Jack. He tells him about Moriarty's death. He tells him that he never was that clever and that he researched Jack from the beginning. He tells Jack the phone call is his note. He says goodbye to Jack before he gets the chance to speak to him. Ianto and Gwen get to the building too late. Julian makes a big decision regarding his and Marti's marriage. He wants Marti to be happy and he hands her the divorce papers, but will she sign them?

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    Music: 'Flowers for a Ghost' by Thriving Ivory
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