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Convert RMVB to AVI (VirtualDubMod)

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  • Description: Convert RMVB to AVI with VirtualDub Mod (absolutely free)
    Install AviSynth
    Install Real Alternative 1.90
    Install Xvid 1.2.1 codec
    or DivX Codec
    or just get the everything(except avisynth) in the
    k-lite mega codec pack
    Download VirtualDubMod and extract it

    then save as RMVB25.avst (it must be saved as .avst, save as type all files) this is only for video at a framerate of 25.00

    change the 25.00 to
    30.00 if framerate of 30
    or any other number

    right click full processing
    click compression, choose LAME MP3 at 44100Hz, 128kbps CBR, Stereo then ok

    save as fast recompress
    change compression to xvid/divx codec (with your settings) and save

    may add to job control for batch, then open the job control (F4) to start

    or try freeware [lot easier, just open rmvb and convert to desired format]
    SUPER (open with internet explorer only):

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