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Counter-Strike Source 64 Player Zombie Escape Mod *HQ* Stone Cold Server

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  • Description: Watch and love. This is an epic mini-movie/trailer I made about a massive 64-player ZE server, and my favourite CSS server, Stone-Cold Zombie Escape. *AS OF 14th MARCH 2010 THE SERVER NO LONGER EXSISTS. ALL THE FOLLOWING WAS WRITTEN BEFORE THE SERVER WAS SHUT DOWN*
    I STRONGLY reccommend this server. The Stone-Cold server is brilliant, with a massive community and great servers. With a 64 player limit and dozens of maps, this is one hell of a server.
    In the video I showcase around 5-6 different maps, mainly beacuse I simply didn't have time to play more and get the video done. But there are far better maps I just had to pick the ones that were voted in. Pretty hawt stuff, with some extra-epic scenes that even I couldn't help feeling excited by. Just watch, take it all in, and enjoy.
    Song- Map of the Problematique by MUSE. All copyright for the song goes to MUSE and any other parties that own it, I am not in any way affliated with them or intenting to breach any copyright laws whatsoever. This video is for entertainment purposes ONLY.
    Thanks to VALVE for a great game, and sC for a brilliant server.
    A HUGE THANKS to all the poeple in this video, for unknowingly participating in the video. You were brilliant, and gave more than a few funny moments! And thanks for the hilarious chat, especially Acul for "drink their blood" lmao XD
    A BIG thanks to xstaticpkowns for his help on how I could resolve the copyright issue with WMG.
    Thanks to WMG for accepting my dispute and understanding my predicament.
    *EDIT* Thanks for the 32k+ views and all the comments ppl! Thanks for all the feedback!
    *EDIT* This video was made several months ago, when sC was stll managed by Hazza and had it's own website forums etc. As of now, since Hazza's resignation, as far as I know, it sC is now managed by another group, so this server may or may not be 64 player, and may or may not feature the maps shown. I havn't been on steam for far too long (computer issues, will be fixed soon) so i might be worng, or my information might be outdated. If so, please tell me! Thanks.
    *EDIT* Server no longer exsists, it appears that sC had dissapeared forever. After Hazza (the owner) quit CSS it went into disrepair, and after being bought by another owner, the server still failed to lift off like it had before. It was subsequently shut down. this was written 14th march 2010.
    BTW ask any questions and I'll answer them.

    Q1.'When you are playing as a zombie why are your arms still look human?'

    Thanks to eNLivEx for the awnser to this. It seems that to shoiw the textures for the zombie arms from an FP view you need to put specific files in a certain location, and the server won't do that for you. It's no real biggie anyway.

    Q2.'Why are the zombies all ALIENS from ALIEN VS PREDATOR?'

    Because unlike other servers, that use many skins, such as L4D, Fallout 3 and Half-Life, sC just uses the one, which proves to be more popular and succesfull. I think it's better as well. Seeing a horde of ALIENS if definitively more unsettling than a random assortement of unrelated monsters from different genres of video games.

    Q3.'Why don't the zombies have guns?'

    (-_-) No comment.

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